Hi there, I'm Rodrigo Motta, a UX Designer in San Diego with an unsatisfied burning desire to create, to build and to make things simpler and better.  I'm fascinated by how people adopt products and services in their daily behavior.

About Me

What do I do? I'm never sure what to answer, because people expect to hear one thing. We're all multi-faceted, and we are not our jobs. So what do I do? I bring elegant designs (both functional and visual) and ideas to the marketplace that positively impact people's lives. I volunteer for social and environmental causes. I consult. I enjoy listening and learning from others. I am passionate about learning and experimenting with new ways of living and working in community. I love my family, friends, traveling, art, surfing, reading, tennis, and music.

Portfolio & Resume

Looking for my design work? My portfolio is available on Behance

Looking for my resume? Download it here


If you are looking to hire me, work together or just start a conversation, please don't hesitate to send me an email. I'm quite friendly :)